Thursday, 9 December 2010

Nov - Dec - Time and my lack of it (Work, Freelance, 3d & Stuffs)

So after working hard enough to gain a free hour or two, I've finally got around to updating over here, this months been all about the job getting and has been pretty successful, living in a pretty pre-technological area in Wales means jobs in the stuff i'm interested in are few and far between, but i'm here for another year and believe I now am in the best of a bad situation arena. Working 3-4 days a week in retail with some good people to get me some experience, whilst working Freelance for whoever wants me, more details to follow on that, it's all goooood.

First up below is a few renders using VRay of a Maya model I put together roughly mid November, took about 2 hours, mainly just fiddling and experimenting, during which I discovered the reverse binary tool and concreted my knowledge of the cv curve tool..which are both damn useful. Any who, it's not quite finished, but i'm happy with it and am more likely to move on that finish it at this point. 3D wise, if I can learn to texture things by the end of Febuary, i'll be smug as a pug. Should have time to progress and make some more complex thingamies too.

Next is a quick drawing semi,  from photo reference trying to put an idea to paper, but again, not finished and the background sizing is all off..may photoshop it in the future if time permits..but we'll see.

Lastly is a screengrab from the Freelance project i've been working on since mid November, "Login with Pal & Reg", an interactive, antimated, ebook style flash program, the idea is this will be run in schools based in CA, America and shown on one of those fancy, giant interactive white boards, the interface is all touch sensitive so questions will be answered by kids running up to the board, pressing/dragging & dropping etc. It's directed at kids with learning difficulties and will also be available online, will add a link to the host page once it is complete. I'm currently working on pages 2 and 3 of 9 and will be (in theory)  until the end of the book, scheduled for the end of yeah..I do have valid reasons for seemingly random dissapearances. 

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Gaining some perspective... =|

As I said in the previous post I was going to mess around with some perspective practice, to be honest this stuff isn't inspiring since I pretty much had to to religiousy work on these kind of things for my Dead Reckoning games and forcing yourself to practice in things your confident at never results in amazing stuff, add to the mix these were quick studies and for some reason my scanner has a vendetta going against my pencils, i'm keeping these online however as the real pictures are quite nice looking, I've just had to butcher the pieces in Photoshop to get anything to show. Bah.

Away for a week now, so hopefully some time for 3d stuff, recently watched a coupe of lectures from the Gnomon Workshop, who are basically the pros at al the things i'm interested in and are based in Hollywood.  All inspiring stuff, also got a fooktonne of videos from another company which should be damn good, maybe even come back with somthing to show through these learnings.

Friday, 29 October 2010

Character & Anatomy Study - Tres (Now with added Nerdage)

Since I want to be heading in the media artist direction, I thought i'd give some of the most awesome characters around a shot, also may of treated myself to a little something for inspiration...I shouldn't be allowed money, but it my defense, every page fills me with arousal.

The Art of Metal Gear Solid

Might fiddle around with digital painting on these, not sure yet, but next up sketchy wise is some architecture, a sci-lady and some more ladies, gonna head back into 3d ville after that i'd image, woop woop!


Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Character & Anatomy Study - Dos

Stage two and three, proper value studies then adding colour, i've tried to simplify my painting as it appears the more colour I throw in, the smudgier and dirtier they look, not in a good way, in both cases the second most difficut aspect after the initial drawing, was adding coour, value study was fairy straight fowardard

Overall i'm pretty happy with the first piece, although choosing a hair colour somehow caused frustration as you can see, the second piece turned out a mess, basicay forgot to change layers when adding hair, then couldn't back after making it seem her head was being engulfed...pleased with her arm though..not so much her litte hand, either way, still a good practice and both could have been improved on with more time i'd imagine, but i'm done with them, there's ony so much rendundant fiddling I can do.

Back to the drawing board, ahahhhaahha =|

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Character & Anatomy Study - Numero Uno

The next bunch are by no means finished, i've decided to try and vary it up rather than stick to the planned path, i've got a bunch of photo references lined up that vary pretty heavily to test myself in anatomy and architecture and get out of my safe zone.

So the first two are from some nice photo references, so far i've sketched them out and grey shaded, i'm planning on one drawing a day for a while (hopefully real life will allow this) then to get them coloured properly using another day, next step is to value study, then colour, the second piece I decided to shade a little in pencil, so i'm not yet sure how this will affect my photoshopping of it

p.s stll not liking how my scanner deals with pencil drawings


(click to enlarge)

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Friday, 22 October 2010

Value studies & digital painting...erm witty title.. "Wish you were her(e)?"

Last couple of days i've been reading up on shading and texturing in Maya, nothing to show in 3d-age at the moment, mostly theory work I guess, next will probably be a coloured and properly rendered RedRocket..o0o0o0o.

As welll as reading (be a damn boring update if that was all I had to report eh?) I've been looking at my Digital Masters book, and a few sketchbooks, aswell as the dude who worked on God of Wars concept short, I did some value studies, then tried to speed paint in some colour, it seems I suck at doing both in the same picture.

p.s. can you guess the film? I may have made the screen shot a sheeet load darker (clue).

Also, hopefully going to have a new sidebar soon with links to some damn fine artists i've been keeping tracks on in my tongue wagging stalkerish way.

(click to enlarge)

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Monday, 18 October 2010

3d practice - Red rocket fender bender & Vray abuse

More practice in Maya 2009, this time focusing on NURBs modelling, there's some clear faults where seams may be a bit squiffy or the geometry is messier than the tutorial version, but gawdamn i'm pleased with the progress so far, considering I know bugger all about this modelling stuff, took a long time since i'm trying to absorb all the teachings and skills, but I think it was worth it. Also first attempt at using a...renderer? I hear VRay is good so aquired it and am fiddling, theres a main, back and other light, simply because I hear that's the way to do it, I have no idea what i'm doing and intend on fixing that this week too..does look better than the train though, so booyaaaa.

I've decided to, as practice, go through my first Flash game, Dead Reckoning and make objects similar too/ can be found init, trying to recreate a few scenes, it'd be stupid to think of it as being assests towards a full game project, but should be a learning experiance anywho.

Also want to muck around in photoshop a bit more obviously, just looking for inspiration, probably going to try and do one of these film clip speedpaint studies or somthing along those lines, hope to get alot out of this week =O

Monday, 11 October 2010

Something a wee bit different - Speed Painting & 1st 3d practice

Just a quickie to show i've not been lazing about, following along some tutorials and such, here's what happens when I give modelling with Polygons and semi speed painting some photo references, 1 being Frank Zappa, the other a still from Apocolypto, I think starting my environment practice with water and trees may have been a death wish.

Sidenote: I'm tempted to give my 3rd game in the Dead Reckoning series ago, but it feels a waste to play around in Flash when, portfolio wise, more skills such as IPhone or Xbox Live/ PSN type stuff would be a better career move.. something i'll be pondering on =/

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Monday, 4 October 2010

Derp derp, more practice

More excuses for update delays include moving back to AberTown and job hunting...sigh, also been playing around with some 3d in Maya, nothing to show yet, but making progress and all that lark, currently looking at these b00ks.

The Game Artist's Guide to Maya
Digital Art Masters

Here's a few thingies.
(Click to enlarge)

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Sunday, 12 September 2010

Poses 8 - 10, Hands 1 - 2... Hmm, practice is getting tiresome =|

Oh dear, long time no update, been at Reading Festival in the UK and travelling Ireland, immense and inspiring stuff, got plenty of ideas jotted down, hopefully i'll convince myself to just get on with the colourful interesting stuff soon rather than keep on practicing.

1st - 90sec posemaniacs.

2/3 - More detailed posemaniacs, using a slightly different style aimed at focusing on accuracy rather than shading, because a rather lovely person suggested it.

4/ 5 - Got bored and wanted a bit of a challenge, hands are supposedly and are indeed hard, found a few stock images, i was chuffed with how they turned out, but the first person I showed them too said they were "meh...alright"..buzzkill much. :p

Think I may have a break from sketching after a few more and make some progress in the digital painting/ 3d area, this blogs starting to look a wee bit black and white.


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Thursday, 26 August 2010

Monday, 23 August 2010

Pose sketching 1,2,3 & 4

The nifty little website below is used by bajillions of people trying to improve or practice their pose sketches, which is something I need to become godlike at if i'm to get anywhere, so i've bought myself a good sketch pad and set o' pencils and am gonna crack on with these for a while. It's customary to let the app on the site do it's thing and do 30-90 second sketches before it changes pose, but i suck, so these took roughly 5 minutes each, trying to do some shadow and muscle study at the same time, the pictures below are in chronological order as usual starting with the earliest. Also, a great website for sharing work, giving and getting critism or motovation which i've recently signed up for is listed below.


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Thursday, 12 August 2010

Still Life 3 & 4 - Pingu the addict/ flowers are hard.

Still Life 4 - Roses/ Flowers are gawdamn hard.
Made from reference photo (2.5 hrs).

(Click to enlarge)

I'm happy with the finished piece, but there's some glaring things that throw you off thinking it looks realistic, like Pingu below the detail stage was rushed/ skipped for the most part since i'm trying to get practice in variety not over studying one thing. This was damn difficult and doesn't actually look much like the complicated photo, but that's a secret ;)

Still life 3 - Pingu the addict.
Another random object which looked like it might be interesting to quick study (1.5 hrs).

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The above 3 pictures show the method used in creating these pieces, it seems to be common place between both digital and regular artists, the idea is to work through the steps of sketching, blocking in colour, blending and then adding detail, it's reccommended to work on a new layer each step to prevent any risk of messing up previous work. Since this is a quick one, i've skipped the detail stage and had to stop before the temptation to add a speech bubble refering to Pingus drug habbits took over.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Learnings, brush random shiz 1 & 2 + Still life 1 & 2

Still life 2 - hey...heyApple
Since everyone does still life paintings of apples, here's mine. (1.5hrs).

(Click to enlarge)

Now this one i'm happy with, using a combination of new brushes and the opacity blending technique I think i've pretty accurately shown the colours in the piece, i've seen better, but this is definately an improvement, one of the next steps is to work out how people make those fancy blurry, yet arty looking backgrounds, as well as try and do a few more of these for blending practice.

Inspiration, heheh.

Still life 1 - Key
Just grabbed the first thing to hand and put it in a pose that gave an interesting balance of light. (2 hrs)

(Click to enlarge)

I'm not sure if it's because this was a timed piece (only gave myself as long as Pendulums essential Rado1 mix) or because it's a black and white object,or because it was 4 in the morning by the time it was finished, but I don't find it as interesting as I want too, meeh, the detail on the lower right makes me happy.

Brush Random Shiz 2 - Yellows
Same as below, just chucking more on top. (15 mins)

(Click to enlarge)

I prefer this one, maybe at some point i'll give creating mock adverts for iPods or something ago.

Brush Random Shiz 1 - Reddage
Tastey new brushes, thrown at each other. (10 mins).

(Click to enlarge)

So whilst downloading and installing all these sexy new brushes, I basically just threw paint down, while changing colour and opacity and ended up with these, you can tell this wasn't designed to be a masterpiece, I hadn't noticed i'd thrown down the brush creators watermark, hah.


So apparently the way to create those awesome colourful abstract images you see people using for wallpapers, or maybe the background to some advert on TV is to go mad with brushes. Photoshop allows the user to load customized brushes simply:

(Click to enlarge)

Some other protips include;

Using the numbers on the keypad 1 through 0 to alter opacity, this is extremely useful for quick changing, making blending while painting much easier as opposed to clicking or using the smooth tool. Supposedly it's always better to add more paint, rather than try and smooth/ edit the existing, as it increases the depth of the piece through layering, creating a more interesting piece.

Other keyboard shortcuts;
"[" and "]" increase and decrease brush size respectively.
"b" selects brush
"e" eraser
"h" hand
"ctrl -" and "+" zoom in and out.
"ctrl alt z" is undo.
Everything does somthing but these are the ones that appear most handy so far.

Also if anyone is looking for awesome resources for brushes:

Whoops, long one today, tata!