Thursday, 26 August 2010

Monday, 23 August 2010

Pose sketching 1,2,3 & 4

The nifty little website below is used by bajillions of people trying to improve or practice their pose sketches, which is something I need to become godlike at if i'm to get anywhere, so i've bought myself a good sketch pad and set o' pencils and am gonna crack on with these for a while. It's customary to let the app on the site do it's thing and do 30-90 second sketches before it changes pose, but i suck, so these took roughly 5 minutes each, trying to do some shadow and muscle study at the same time, the pictures below are in chronological order as usual starting with the earliest. Also, a great website for sharing work, giving and getting critism or motovation which i've recently signed up for is listed below.


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Thursday, 12 August 2010

Still Life 3 & 4 - Pingu the addict/ flowers are hard.

Still Life 4 - Roses/ Flowers are gawdamn hard.
Made from reference photo (2.5 hrs).

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I'm happy with the finished piece, but there's some glaring things that throw you off thinking it looks realistic, like Pingu below the detail stage was rushed/ skipped for the most part since i'm trying to get practice in variety not over studying one thing. This was damn difficult and doesn't actually look much like the complicated photo, but that's a secret ;)

Still life 3 - Pingu the addict.
Another random object which looked like it might be interesting to quick study (1.5 hrs).

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The above 3 pictures show the method used in creating these pieces, it seems to be common place between both digital and regular artists, the idea is to work through the steps of sketching, blocking in colour, blending and then adding detail, it's reccommended to work on a new layer each step to prevent any risk of messing up previous work. Since this is a quick one, i've skipped the detail stage and had to stop before the temptation to add a speech bubble refering to Pingus drug habbits took over.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Learnings, brush random shiz 1 & 2 + Still life 1 & 2

Still life 2 - hey...heyApple
Since everyone does still life paintings of apples, here's mine. (1.5hrs).

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Now this one i'm happy with, using a combination of new brushes and the opacity blending technique I think i've pretty accurately shown the colours in the piece, i've seen better, but this is definately an improvement, one of the next steps is to work out how people make those fancy blurry, yet arty looking backgrounds, as well as try and do a few more of these for blending practice.

Inspiration, heheh.

Still life 1 - Key
Just grabbed the first thing to hand and put it in a pose that gave an interesting balance of light. (2 hrs)

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I'm not sure if it's because this was a timed piece (only gave myself as long as Pendulums essential Rado1 mix) or because it's a black and white object,or because it was 4 in the morning by the time it was finished, but I don't find it as interesting as I want too, meeh, the detail on the lower right makes me happy.

Brush Random Shiz 2 - Yellows
Same as below, just chucking more on top. (15 mins)

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I prefer this one, maybe at some point i'll give creating mock adverts for iPods or something ago.

Brush Random Shiz 1 - Reddage
Tastey new brushes, thrown at each other. (10 mins).

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So whilst downloading and installing all these sexy new brushes, I basically just threw paint down, while changing colour and opacity and ended up with these, you can tell this wasn't designed to be a masterpiece, I hadn't noticed i'd thrown down the brush creators watermark, hah.


So apparently the way to create those awesome colourful abstract images you see people using for wallpapers, or maybe the background to some advert on TV is to go mad with brushes. Photoshop allows the user to load customized brushes simply:

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Some other protips include;

Using the numbers on the keypad 1 through 0 to alter opacity, this is extremely useful for quick changing, making blending while painting much easier as opposed to clicking or using the smooth tool. Supposedly it's always better to add more paint, rather than try and smooth/ edit the existing, as it increases the depth of the piece through layering, creating a more interesting piece.

Other keyboard shortcuts;
"[" and "]" increase and decrease brush size respectively.
"b" selects brush
"e" eraser
"h" hand
"ctrl -" and "+" zoom in and out.
"ctrl alt z" is undo.
Everything does somthing but these are the ones that appear most handy so far.

Also if anyone is looking for awesome resources for brushes:

Whoops, long one today, tata!

Monday, 9 August 2010

Portraits 2 & 3 - Colour

Portrait 3 - Aaabbie
Another coloured digitial painting from reference photo (4.5-5 hrs):

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At about 4 hours this one was looking ace, then I think I panicked and attacked it with the smudge/ burn/ dodge tool, so the contrast here isn't on target, again i'm damn proud of the hair, proportions are off, but considering my usual attempt at anything other than head on portraits ends in catastrophy, this one's a success. Also can't work out why all of these look alot better zoomed in, could be detail, could be  that i'm working to zoomed in.

Portrait 2 - Meeee
Decided to give coloured painting a go, again from photo reference, this ones moi (4 hrs):

(Click for full size)

So, i'd say i'm happier with this finished piece than the first, but can't help thinking it looks less realistic, clearly I can't do poses yet, needs more jaw, smaller eyes etc, managed to make myself look rather femine, but there you have it, the colour's almost spot on, the hairs badass, just gotta work out where the cartoon-esque styles coming from.

This dude on youTube has the idea:
Talented bugger I may be a tad jealous of.

I doubt i'll do another person piece until i've had a gander at my new books, reccommended by a pro;
Complete Book of Drawing
Digital Painting Techniques
Video Game Art

Anywho, if anyone reads this and has a particular desire for me to give them ago, get in touch...*tumbleweed* hah.

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Portrait 1 - Greyscale

Portrait 1 - Pat
First shot at digital painting, my little brother, drawn from a reference photo. (3 hours).

(Click for Full Size)

At first I was happy with this but after a bit more reading I can understand why people hesitate away from overuse of tools such as burn, dodge and smudge. Jumping in at the deep end with portraiture was probably not wise since proportions tend to be my weak area, i'm going to try a couple more, this time in colour, then attempt some still life objects before having ago at figures. In my head it seems logical to practice this realistic stuff before trying to do anything imaginative  :o

Tools i'll be using, probably throughout include an oooold Wacom Graphic Tablet which cost around £50, alongside Photoshop CS3, working on a Dell Insprion 1450, so far none of them seem to have copped out on me while i was that's ace.

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Hi future me! *Waves*

So at this time of writing, you've just graduated, well done again, no-one saw that coming. Im sure that BSc will come in handy at some point, :-/ if it hasn't already. It's Summer 2010 now and you've finally finished having to do anything in particular for a while, but it's pretty damn likely you're going to need a portfolio to get any job you want. So you made this site, knowing there's approximatly a year left in which you can work/ play back in Aberystwyth, also without a deadline, you're pretty crap. You also connected it to your Last.Fm, Facebook and Twitter account so you didn't forget about it.

You know bugger all about Photoshop apart from minor dabblings, same goes for 3d modelling, you've bought a crap load of books and bookmared a tonne of useful websites, you're hoping the skills you have in Flash that got you 500k between 2 games will somehow translate to other areas... anyway, you've got all the tools and are now going to start trying to put something together.

A year from now, this blog is hopefully going to have become a few pages bigger, slightly more colourful and impressive and contain a slather of words, if not, I failed you, future me, i'm sorry, now go get a job.

Good Luck!

btw if anyone's reading and wants to try out my Flash games, head over to My Newgrounds page, Dead Reckoning parts 1 and 2 from 2008-9.