Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Learnings, brush random shiz 1 & 2 + Still life 1 & 2

Still life 2 - hey...heyApple
Since everyone does still life paintings of apples, here's mine. (1.5hrs).

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Now this one i'm happy with, using a combination of new brushes and the opacity blending technique I think i've pretty accurately shown the colours in the piece, i've seen better, but this is definately an improvement, one of the next steps is to work out how people make those fancy blurry, yet arty looking backgrounds, as well as try and do a few more of these for blending practice.

Inspiration, heheh.

Still life 1 - Key
Just grabbed the first thing to hand and put it in a pose that gave an interesting balance of light. (2 hrs)

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I'm not sure if it's because this was a timed piece (only gave myself as long as Pendulums essential Rado1 mix) or because it's a black and white object,or because it was 4 in the morning by the time it was finished, but I don't find it as interesting as I want too, meeh, the detail on the lower right makes me happy.

Brush Random Shiz 2 - Yellows
Same as below, just chucking more on top. (15 mins)

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I prefer this one, maybe at some point i'll give creating mock adverts for iPods or something ago.

Brush Random Shiz 1 - Reddage
Tastey new brushes, thrown at each other. (10 mins).

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So whilst downloading and installing all these sexy new brushes, I basically just threw paint down, while changing colour and opacity and ended up with these, you can tell this wasn't designed to be a masterpiece, I hadn't noticed i'd thrown down the brush creators watermark, hah.


So apparently the way to create those awesome colourful abstract images you see people using for wallpapers, or maybe the background to some advert on TV is to go mad with brushes. Photoshop allows the user to load customized brushes simply:

(Click to enlarge)

Some other protips include;

Using the numbers on the keypad 1 through 0 to alter opacity, this is extremely useful for quick changing, making blending while painting much easier as opposed to clicking or using the smooth tool. Supposedly it's always better to add more paint, rather than try and smooth/ edit the existing, as it increases the depth of the piece through layering, creating a more interesting piece.

Other keyboard shortcuts;
"[" and "]" increase and decrease brush size respectively.
"b" selects brush
"e" eraser
"h" hand
"ctrl -" and "+" zoom in and out.
"ctrl alt z" is undo.
Everything does somthing but these are the ones that appear most handy so far.

Also if anyone is looking for awesome resources for brushes:

Whoops, long one today, tata!

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