Sunday, 8 August 2010

Portrait 1 - Greyscale

Portrait 1 - Pat
First shot at digital painting, my little brother, drawn from a reference photo. (3 hours).

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At first I was happy with this but after a bit more reading I can understand why people hesitate away from overuse of tools such as burn, dodge and smudge. Jumping in at the deep end with portraiture was probably not wise since proportions tend to be my weak area, i'm going to try a couple more, this time in colour, then attempt some still life objects before having ago at figures. In my head it seems logical to practice this realistic stuff before trying to do anything imaginative  :o

Tools i'll be using, probably throughout include an oooold Wacom Graphic Tablet which cost around £50, alongside Photoshop CS3, working on a Dell Insprion 1450, so far none of them seem to have copped out on me while i was that's ace.

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