Monday, 9 August 2010

Portraits 2 & 3 - Colour

Portrait 3 - Aaabbie
Another coloured digitial painting from reference photo (4.5-5 hrs):

(Click to enlarge)

At about 4 hours this one was looking ace, then I think I panicked and attacked it with the smudge/ burn/ dodge tool, so the contrast here isn't on target, again i'm damn proud of the hair, proportions are off, but considering my usual attempt at anything other than head on portraits ends in catastrophy, this one's a success. Also can't work out why all of these look alot better zoomed in, could be detail, could be  that i'm working to zoomed in.

Portrait 2 - Meeee
Decided to give coloured painting a go, again from photo reference, this ones moi (4 hrs):

(Click for full size)

So, i'd say i'm happier with this finished piece than the first, but can't help thinking it looks less realistic, clearly I can't do poses yet, needs more jaw, smaller eyes etc, managed to make myself look rather femine, but there you have it, the colour's almost spot on, the hairs badass, just gotta work out where the cartoon-esque styles coming from.

This dude on youTube has the idea:
Talented bugger I may be a tad jealous of.

I doubt i'll do another person piece until i've had a gander at my new books, reccommended by a pro;
Complete Book of Drawing
Digital Painting Techniques
Video Game Art

Anywho, if anyone reads this and has a particular desire for me to give them ago, get in touch...*tumbleweed* hah.

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