Thursday, 12 August 2010

Still Life 3 & 4 - Pingu the addict/ flowers are hard.

Still Life 4 - Roses/ Flowers are gawdamn hard.
Made from reference photo (2.5 hrs).

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I'm happy with the finished piece, but there's some glaring things that throw you off thinking it looks realistic, like Pingu below the detail stage was rushed/ skipped for the most part since i'm trying to get practice in variety not over studying one thing. This was damn difficult and doesn't actually look much like the complicated photo, but that's a secret ;)

Still life 3 - Pingu the addict.
Another random object which looked like it might be interesting to quick study (1.5 hrs).

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The above 3 pictures show the method used in creating these pieces, it seems to be common place between both digital and regular artists, the idea is to work through the steps of sketching, blocking in colour, blending and then adding detail, it's reccommended to work on a new layer each step to prevent any risk of messing up previous work. Since this is a quick one, i've skipped the detail stage and had to stop before the temptation to add a speech bubble refering to Pingus drug habbits took over.

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