Saturday, 7 August 2010

Hi future me! *Waves*

So at this time of writing, you've just graduated, well done again, no-one saw that coming. Im sure that BSc will come in handy at some point, :-/ if it hasn't already. It's Summer 2010 now and you've finally finished having to do anything in particular for a while, but it's pretty damn likely you're going to need a portfolio to get any job you want. So you made this site, knowing there's approximatly a year left in which you can work/ play back in Aberystwyth, also without a deadline, you're pretty crap. You also connected it to your Last.Fm, Facebook and Twitter account so you didn't forget about it.

You know bugger all about Photoshop apart from minor dabblings, same goes for 3d modelling, you've bought a crap load of books and bookmared a tonne of useful websites, you're hoping the skills you have in Flash that got you 500k between 2 games will somehow translate to other areas... anyway, you've got all the tools and are now going to start trying to put something together.

A year from now, this blog is hopefully going to have become a few pages bigger, slightly more colourful and impressive and contain a slather of words, if not, I failed you, future me, i'm sorry, now go get a job.

Good Luck!

btw if anyone's reading and wants to try out my Flash games, head over to My Newgrounds page, Dead Reckoning parts 1 and 2 from 2008-9.

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