Sunday, 12 September 2010

Poses 8 - 10, Hands 1 - 2... Hmm, practice is getting tiresome =|

Oh dear, long time no update, been at Reading Festival in the UK and travelling Ireland, immense and inspiring stuff, got plenty of ideas jotted down, hopefully i'll convince myself to just get on with the colourful interesting stuff soon rather than keep on practicing.

1st - 90sec posemaniacs.

2/3 - More detailed posemaniacs, using a slightly different style aimed at focusing on accuracy rather than shading, because a rather lovely person suggested it.

4/ 5 - Got bored and wanted a bit of a challenge, hands are supposedly and are indeed hard, found a few stock images, i was chuffed with how they turned out, but the first person I showed them too said they were "meh...alright"..buzzkill much. :p

Think I may have a break from sketching after a few more and make some progress in the digital painting/ 3d area, this blogs starting to look a wee bit black and white.


(Click to enlarge)

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  1. wow the hands are so cool, you've really started to develop you're own style. i likes. ooooh and i likes you xxxx