Monday, 18 October 2010

3d practice - Red rocket fender bender & Vray abuse

More practice in Maya 2009, this time focusing on NURBs modelling, there's some clear faults where seams may be a bit squiffy or the geometry is messier than the tutorial version, but gawdamn i'm pleased with the progress so far, considering I know bugger all about this modelling stuff, took a long time since i'm trying to absorb all the teachings and skills, but I think it was worth it. Also first attempt at using a...renderer? I hear VRay is good so aquired it and am fiddling, theres a main, back and other light, simply because I hear that's the way to do it, I have no idea what i'm doing and intend on fixing that this week too..does look better than the train though, so booyaaaa.

I've decided to, as practice, go through my first Flash game, Dead Reckoning and make objects similar too/ can be found init, trying to recreate a few scenes, it'd be stupid to think of it as being assests towards a full game project, but should be a learning experiance anywho.

Also want to muck around in photoshop a bit more obviously, just looking for inspiration, probably going to try and do one of these film clip speedpaint studies or somthing along those lines, hope to get alot out of this week =O

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