Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Character & Anatomy Study - Dos

Stage two and three, proper value studies then adding colour, i've tried to simplify my painting as it appears the more colour I throw in, the smudgier and dirtier they look, not in a good way, in both cases the second most difficut aspect after the initial drawing, was adding coour, value study was fairy straight fowardard

Overall i'm pretty happy with the first piece, although choosing a hair colour somehow caused frustration as you can see, the second piece turned out a mess, basicay forgot to change layers when adding hair, then couldn't back after making it seem her head was being engulfed...pleased with her arm though..not so much her litte hand, either way, still a good practice and both could have been improved on with more time i'd imagine, but i'm done with them, there's ony so much rendundant fiddling I can do.

Back to the drawing board, ahahhhaahha =|

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