Friday, 22 October 2010

Value studies & digital painting...erm witty title.. "Wish you were her(e)?"

Last couple of days i've been reading up on shading and texturing in Maya, nothing to show in 3d-age at the moment, mostly theory work I guess, next will probably be a coloured and properly rendered RedRocket..o0o0o0o.

As welll as reading (be a damn boring update if that was all I had to report eh?) I've been looking at my Digital Masters book, and a few sketchbooks, aswell as the dude who worked on God of Wars concept short, I did some value studies, then tried to speed paint in some colour, it seems I suck at doing both in the same picture.

p.s. can you guess the film? I may have made the screen shot a sheeet load darker (clue).

Also, hopefully going to have a new sidebar soon with links to some damn fine artists i've been keeping tracks on in my tongue wagging stalkerish way.

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