Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Gaining some perspective... =|

As I said in the previous post I was going to mess around with some perspective practice, to be honest this stuff isn't inspiring since I pretty much had to to religiousy work on these kind of things for my Dead Reckoning games and forcing yourself to practice in things your confident at never results in amazing stuff, add to the mix these were quick studies and for some reason my scanner has a vendetta going against my pencils, i'm keeping these online however as the real pictures are quite nice looking, I've just had to butcher the pieces in Photoshop to get anything to show. Bah.

Away for a week now, so hopefully some time for 3d stuff, recently watched a coupe of lectures from the Gnomon Workshop, who are basically the pros at al the things i'm interested in and are based in Hollywood.  All inspiring stuff, also got a fooktonne of videos from another company which should be damn good, maybe even come back with somthing to show through these learnings.