Thursday, 9 December 2010

Nov - Dec - Time and my lack of it (Work, Freelance, 3d & Stuffs)

So after working hard enough to gain a free hour or two, I've finally got around to updating over here, this months been all about the job getting and has been pretty successful, living in a pretty pre-technological area in Wales means jobs in the stuff i'm interested in are few and far between, but i'm here for another year and believe I now am in the best of a bad situation arena. Working 3-4 days a week in retail with some good people to get me some experience, whilst working Freelance for whoever wants me, more details to follow on that, it's all goooood.

First up below is a few renders using VRay of a Maya model I put together roughly mid November, took about 2 hours, mainly just fiddling and experimenting, during which I discovered the reverse binary tool and concreted my knowledge of the cv curve tool..which are both damn useful. Any who, it's not quite finished, but i'm happy with it and am more likely to move on that finish it at this point. 3D wise, if I can learn to texture things by the end of Febuary, i'll be smug as a pug. Should have time to progress and make some more complex thingamies too.

Next is a quick drawing semi,  from photo reference trying to put an idea to paper, but again, not finished and the background sizing is all off..may photoshop it in the future if time permits..but we'll see.

Lastly is a screengrab from the Freelance project i've been working on since mid November, "Login with Pal & Reg", an interactive, antimated, ebook style flash program, the idea is this will be run in schools based in CA, America and shown on one of those fancy, giant interactive white boards, the interface is all touch sensitive so questions will be answered by kids running up to the board, pressing/dragging & dropping etc. It's directed at kids with learning difficulties and will also be available online, will add a link to the host page once it is complete. I'm currently working on pages 2 and 3 of 9 and will be (in theory)  until the end of the book, scheduled for the end of yeah..I do have valid reasons for seemingly random dissapearances.