Monday, 3 October 2011

Keeping Busy..

So after a tonne of cramming at the programming, I've got a system down and am ready to get into some graphics, here's a wee teaser of things to come, some very early and slightly unfinished screens, more info in the futures, hopefully something playable too. Not giving away to much as of yet, where's the fun in that.

Monday, 15 August 2011

Summer 2011 - Lots of Doodaddery

Sooo, spent a long old while messing around with Photoshop and digital painting, following the lessons of a mr.Feng.Zhu on youtube, I won't post it all here, as it's all up on for better or worse, link to the right  --->

Here's a little something else from another job;

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Dec - Apr (3/3) - 'Caveman' - Lemmings 2011 - iPhone/Pad/Pod Touch game, released TODAY! =O

So here's where the majority of my time has gone this year, around Christmas 2010 I began work with Mobile1UP, who achieved alot of media attention for re-creating, classic favorite Lemmings for all the current hip devices in only 36 hours, however was not allowed to distribute this game due to copyright etc. The 36 hour development was blogged and is quite an interesting read for the computery types (Dev' Blog).

Focus was then set on releasing a clone for the devices instead. My role in the project was to create all the levels, characters, animations etc in a new prehistoric style. An insane amount of work has gone into this and we'd love to hear your feedback, i'm pretty sure it's the closest, most faithful looking and playing version of Lemmings you'll find on the mobile devices, currently only 30 levels out of the total 120 exist, updates will be free and the price will gradually increase as levels are added to the game. So get it now and save monies. I won't go on, here's some media and linky bits.

'Caveman' for iPod Touch, iPhone

'Caveman HD' for iPad

'Caveman' for Palm Pre

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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Dec - Apr (2/3) - 'Dead Reckoning 5D - Redux' eh, what?

So with Dead Reckoning 1 and 2 (links on the right) now reaching about 600k views I figured why not go on about that for a bit. For anyone that's played them it's pretty clear a 3rd is intended and always has been planned that way, they're also by no means a showcase of brilliant programming, however the obvious excuses of University, work and lack practice shall be applied here in my defence.

A new plan was put together at some point to one day get back on this and put my new programming degree skills to the test, my dissertation may look like a "Campus Tour Guide", but stealthily, all the elements in it are actually useable for the sequel and my planned remake of the first two, a working inventory, customizable characters, loads of stuff, I think that's pretty ninja really. Also as I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, programming is not my desired path, so I’m also taking this opportunity to practice my 3d-age and digital painting, still havn't decided whether to take on another degree so I actually learn all this stuff properly but oh well.

I’ll be remaking 1 and 2 and adding 3 to a package called Dead Reckoning: Redux, I'd like to make this an iPhone/ something dealio, but of course work comes first, I have never even looked at iOS, so this all may never happen, but after 5 long ass years of planning, sketching and imagining I’ve got some pretty nasty images I’d like to share and a rather messed up story. We'll see.

Here's some bits thrown together earlier this year in quite a rush, hence the clipping, stuff that is modelled that should have been textured and  various other glaring problems.

Thursday, 31 March 2011

Dec - Apr (1/3) - 'Login & Learn' - Book 1 - Done - Boom!

So with another few blogless months my descent into a guilty and frenzied state has started to distract me from what actually needs doing, my past times have become a burden, this is the first of 3 updates I hope to get out in the next few days, briefly, I want to record two things on here..before the third, which is a bigger thing. I'm making as much sense as usual I imagine.

So, with final sounds/ voices/ animation/ programmy bits and additional artwork done in early January and having just finished final edits, i'm now (pretty much) 100% on my first freelance project, 'Login & Learn' (for more information, see previous blog post). The demo has been spliced and set-up, the full version has been checked by the powers that be and is going to be available soon for people to subscribe and use in their schools or at home over at (will post a link to the demo as and when) and also at some point it will be developed into print I think, so that's also pretty awesome. Apparently the kids have enjoyed messing around with the touch screen features and it's all working out lovely. Lovely.

Rewarded myself with my first bulk dvd purchase since I started uni, convinced myself it would acceptable if they doubled as inspiration towards my big project that I will occasionally mention, but sadly never be the multi-millionaire game company owner i need to be to get it made. This is a geeky selection, deal with it, to name a few, 'Blade Runner', 'A.I', 'Red Dawn', 'Tears of The Sun', 'War of the Worlds', 'The Last Samurai', 'American Psycho', 'Minority Report', 'Terminator 2'..i'm bored of typing now and work beckons.

P.S This book kicks ass and is also recommended by many industry peeps. Theory of Fun

P.P.S Is it weird I kinda want to write a few articles covering my thoughts on current events..hoo-hummm, I blame twitter.