Thursday, 31 March 2011

Dec - Apr (1/3) - 'Login & Learn' - Book 1 - Done - Boom!

So with another few blogless months my descent into a guilty and frenzied state has started to distract me from what actually needs doing, my past times have become a burden, this is the first of 3 updates I hope to get out in the next few days, briefly, I want to record two things on here..before the third, which is a bigger thing. I'm making as much sense as usual I imagine.

So, with final sounds/ voices/ animation/ programmy bits and additional artwork done in early January and having just finished final edits, i'm now (pretty much) 100% on my first freelance project, 'Login & Learn' (for more information, see previous blog post). The demo has been spliced and set-up, the full version has been checked by the powers that be and is going to be available soon for people to subscribe and use in their schools or at home over at (will post a link to the demo as and when) and also at some point it will be developed into print I think, so that's also pretty awesome. Apparently the kids have enjoyed messing around with the touch screen features and it's all working out lovely. Lovely.

Rewarded myself with my first bulk dvd purchase since I started uni, convinced myself it would acceptable if they doubled as inspiration towards my big project that I will occasionally mention, but sadly never be the multi-millionaire game company owner i need to be to get it made. This is a geeky selection, deal with it, to name a few, 'Blade Runner', 'A.I', 'Red Dawn', 'Tears of The Sun', 'War of the Worlds', 'The Last Samurai', 'American Psycho', 'Minority Report', 'Terminator 2'..i'm bored of typing now and work beckons.

P.S This book kicks ass and is also recommended by many industry peeps. Theory of Fun

P.P.S Is it weird I kinda want to write a few articles covering my thoughts on current events..hoo-hummm, I blame twitter.

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