Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Dec - Apr (2/3) - 'Dead Reckoning 5D - Redux' eh, what?

So with Dead Reckoning 1 and 2 (links on the right) now reaching about 600k views I figured why not go on about that for a bit. For anyone that's played them it's pretty clear a 3rd is intended and always has been planned that way, they're also by no means a showcase of brilliant programming, however the obvious excuses of University, work and lack practice shall be applied here in my defence.

A new plan was put together at some point to one day get back on this and put my new programming degree skills to the test, my dissertation may look like a "Campus Tour Guide", but stealthily, all the elements in it are actually useable for the sequel and my planned remake of the first two, a working inventory, customizable characters, loads of stuff, I think that's pretty ninja really. Also as I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, programming is not my desired path, so I’m also taking this opportunity to practice my 3d-age and digital painting, still havn't decided whether to take on another degree so I actually learn all this stuff properly but oh well.

I’ll be remaking 1 and 2 and adding 3 to a package called Dead Reckoning: Redux, I'd like to make this an iPhone/ something dealio, but of course work comes first, I have never even looked at iOS, so this all may never happen, but after 5 long ass years of planning, sketching and imagining I’ve got some pretty nasty images I’d like to share and a rather messed up story. We'll see.

Here's some bits thrown together earlier this year in quite a rush, hence the clipping, stuff that is modelled that should have been textured and  various other glaring problems.

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