Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Dec - Apr (3/3) - 'Caveman' - Lemmings 2011 - iPhone/Pad/Pod Touch game, released TODAY! =O

So here's where the majority of my time has gone this year, around Christmas 2010 I began work with Mobile1UP, who achieved alot of media attention for re-creating, classic favorite Lemmings for all the current hip devices in only 36 hours, however was not allowed to distribute this game due to copyright etc. The 36 hour development was blogged and is quite an interesting read for the computery types (Dev' Blog).

Focus was then set on releasing a clone for the devices instead. My role in the project was to create all the levels, characters, animations etc in a new prehistoric style. An insane amount of work has gone into this and we'd love to hear your feedback, i'm pretty sure it's the closest, most faithful looking and playing version of Lemmings you'll find on the mobile devices, currently only 30 levels out of the total 120 exist, updates will be free and the price will gradually increase as levels are added to the game. So get it now and save monies. I won't go on, here's some media and linky bits.

'Caveman' for iPod Touch, iPhone

'Caveman HD' for iPad

'Caveman' for Palm Pre

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